About Us

Huez was born out of an addiction to cycling and a love of technology.

When we started Huez we wanted to create a forward thinking brand that is committed to performance improvement - in both our sport and our products. In an age where carbon is king and electronic shifting is the norm, we saw cycling clothing as stuck in the past, focused on heritage rather than modernity. We respect the heritage of the sport we love, but are focused on moving things forward into a new era to meet the demands of the modern cyclist.

By looking at the latest in garment construction technology and sourcing the most advanced fabrics developed in Europe, USA and Japan, we aim to create technical garments that help to enhance your performance in all conditions. Our goal is to inspire the competitive road racer, weekend warrior and daily commuter to escape on their bikes and enjoy the world on two wheels.

So what are you waiting for?  #Makeyourescape