RCUK Champ 1 Jersey review

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A lightweight summer jersey with an excellent fit and smart but subtle styling.

That said, the arms are particularly long but I soon got used to it, and the fit remains consistent on the arms, without feeling too loose or tight. The arms are finished with wide grippers which are effective in holding them in place and didn’t rub or cause any comfort issues. I also like the flush neck of the jersey.

The main panels and arms are made from a Coldblack-treated material, while the side panels made from a super-light, semi see-through mesh, and that’s a combination which seeks to regulate your temperature in warmer temperatures – this is definitely a jersey for warm summer rides. There is also a full length, low profile front zip for maximum cooling.

Out on the bike, I was impressed by the temperature control offered by the jersey. I’ve ridden other jerseys which use Coldblack technology (a treatment which claims to reduce the amount of heat absorbed by the treated fabric, particularly in dark colours) and not been able to really notice a huge different – really it’s the physical properties of the fabric which play the bigger part in keeping cool. However, the Champ 1 is solid black in colour but the fabric still remained pretty cool. Sure, it helps when the fabric itself is so light and breathable, and there are those large mesh panels under the arms, but everything works together well to make this a really good jersey for when the temperature rises.

There are five pockets on the back of the jersey – something which is becoming increasingly common and means loading up for a long ride or distributing kit across the rear is easy. The pockets are pretty easy to access, but the thinner ones at the sides are definitely intended for pumps or gels. There is also an additional waterproof pocket, though it’s more handy for stopping sweat hitting your smartphone rather than during a heavy downpour as the zipper isn’t waterproof.

The jersey also has a a good amount of reflective detailing, with bands on the reverse of the arms, and a dash on the back central pocket. The Huez logo on the front is also reflective. Otherwise, the styling of is low key, but it’s a smart piece of kit on the bike.


The Huez 1 Champ jersey is a subtle but stylish piece but ultimately it wins out in terms of performance as a an excellent top for long, warm summer rides, thanks to the lightweight, anti-UV and Coldblack-treated fabric, additional pockets and excellent fit.

• Lightweight fabrics

• Lots of pockets

• Excellent fit

• Generous reflectivity

• Stealth looks