The Inverse Rock Jersey

Built to Perform

Preparation is key to all cyclists. Huez performance clothing has been designed to ensure that every training ride, every race day and every escape happens without the distraction of poorly engineered kit. The prints for this season’s jerseys are derived from the nature that inspires you to ride, in our case the iconic Alpe d’Huez. 

Our latest Inverse Rock Jersey sports a fresh digital print of the helvetic rock formation found in the geological blue print of the infamous mountain. Any rider who has battled against it’s brutal 21 hairpin turns will know, there is a mesmerising magic in the gradient of the mountain and how it brings out courage, willpower and endurance from each rider. For us, Alp d’Huez embodies all that is beautiful about cycling, and as you sweep by turn six and see the sign adorning the name of an immortalized champion, you peer into the mountain and see the rock formation, the mountain’s beating heart. With this jersey we wanted to capture this beautiful design which nature has created, and inspires us to ride.