Evolution of the reflex jacket

There was a time when being safe cycling on the road meant you had to wear a high vis jacket or strange shoulder and belt strap that even builders struggled with. Fortunately, technology has improved so much that even safety can be cool.

The very first reflective fabrics were often hard shells, impermeable to rain but also incapable of offering any degree of breathability. Often these shells were loosely cut and aimed more at the commuter then the road cyclist. The first release of a reflective, breathable and waterproof material for us would be a game changer.

With a waterproof column of  ≥ 5.000 mm, our reflex material can easily deal with a British shower and a with a high breathability rating (>30 m²Pa/W) it’s the fabric we’ve been dreaming of. To ensure more cooling, we added mesh inserts under the arm and two vents at the back, the first at the shoulder point to release warm air and the second with the dual purpose of allowing access to your jersey pockets. At just 170g the jacket brings together some amazing technology, that can be easily stowed in your jersey pocket.

One less excuses then for training hard when darkness sets in.

Reflective Cycling Jacket