Value Added Tax (VAT)

If you are a UK or EU (European Union) resident, we are required to charge you UK Sales Tax or ‘Value Added Tax’ (VAT). This is currently 20% on the combined goods value and shipping charge of your order.

The one exception to this is if your purchase is made in the name of an EU business and it has a valid VAT number. In that instance we can process the transaction without charging VAT, however to do so we need the VAT number at the time the order is placed. Our website is not set up to handle this special situation so if you want to take advantage of it, please email us on in advance. We can then process it manually.

If you're outside the EU and the address you’ve asked us to deliver to is also outside the EU, you don’t have to pay VAT and your shopping basket will automatically remove it. Please note, though, that if you ask us to send the goods to an address inside the EU, the exemption doesn’t apply and VAT will be added on again.

Billing Address: Delivery Address:
UK UK Includes 20% VAT
UK Non-UK Includes 20% VAT
EU EU Includes 20% VAT
EU Non EU Includes 20% VAT
Rest of the World (ROW) ROW No VAT
ROW UK or EU Includes 20% VAT

Our website will not, unfortunately, allow you to override these rules.

Prices displayed do not include shipping charges, if applicable. Where they apply, they are added during the ordering process after you’ve told us where you want your parcel delivered to. If you want to see what the charges are before that, see 'Shipping Charges'.