Huez Advent Ride



Saturday, December 2nd.


Ride with the Huez founders Lorenzo and Hugo and the rest of the merry Huez CC crew.  


Meet us at the Colicci Café, Richmond Park at 8.00am on Saturday 2nd December for a quick coffee and an SIS bar.

Start riding at 8:15 am.


Richmond Park to Box Hill

We will be cycling roughly 80 km from Richmond Park to Box Hill and back;

We will be stopping for a coffee and cake at the Box Hill Cafe.

Finish riding approximately 12:00 pm.


Average speed for this ride will be around 26km and is better suited to faster riders. 

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Ride hard and be safe. Use common sense when it comes to traffic and weather while taking part on rides. Remember to take care of your hydration and nutrition needs when you’re out on the road. Please wear a cycling helmet on all Huez rides. 

Taking part in the ride is at the sole responsibility of the participant. Huez*  accept no responsibility for loss or damage to personal belongings/bikes or personal injury during the ride. We recommend all cyclists have their own insurance policy. 

By entering your email you give permission to be contacted by either  Huez*. 

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