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Passion for Innovation

Every stitch counts

What happens when innovative technology meets razor-sharp design, hands-on problem solving and the desire to amaze? A true star is born.

Meet our Starman Seamless Jersey. Ever since we first created this sleek, high-quality piece, we haven’t found a seamless jersey that comes close to its design and technology credentials. Where other products have let us down in quality and durability, we have sought to push technical fabrics and new production techniques to the limit to deliver the results our desire to ride demands.

Since the very beginning of the Huez* journey, our aim has been to create cutting-edge, standout clothing that provides solutions to the needs of the committed cyclist. Fuelled by the desire to make every ride a joy, we have scoured the globe for the people, materials and technology that can deliver the results our demanding standards require.

For our first jersey we wanted to create a piece that could be worn across the seasons and provide breathability whatever the weather, avoiding that well known problem of unwanted odours attaching themselves to the fabric after repeated wear.

Although initially it looked like merino could be the answer, we quickly found that a 100% merino jersey could struggle to hold up after multiple washes. Unwilling to compromise with a mix merino blend, we re-shifted our focus to silver ions. 100% anti-bacterial, we discovered that by creating garments using these nano-particles our jersey would remain antibacterial and odour free for the life of the product.

This was a great discovery we could then look at polyamides which have some of the best wicking properties for sports garments.

Another aim of our Starman Seamless Jersey was to remove those itchy, annoying seams which can often irritate the skin after hours on the bike. Although there are many garments on the market dubbed as ‘seamless’, they all in fact attach their sleeves using classic cutting and sewing techniques. Not known for accepting limits, we wanted to go a step further and create a truly seamless garment. Only one machine exists that could create such a piece, and so off we flew to Italy to speak with the founder and inventor of this latest sewing sensation.  

In Italy we were confronted with a ground-breaking piece of technology: a machine able to challenge the status quo of circular knitting, which until now could only make use of 8 ends of yarn when creating garments. In contrast, this machine uses around 6,000 needles to work with a staggering 12,000 ends of yarn, creating 4 million knots in each garment.

With such mind-blowing figures, we immediately went to work on designing the perfect jersey that would utilise this innovative method of stitching. By studying the body’s heat zones when on the bike, we created a garment comprised of 6 different stitch types to blend the jersey flawlessly with the natural contours of the rider – the front of the jersey would have a tight stitch to protect the body from the wind, while under the arms and down the back wider stitches were specifically designed to cool the body and allow the polyamide fabric to wick away sweat.

And so the Starman Seamless Jersey was created, blending minute attention to technological details with our unending desire to create modern, timeless pieces that allow you to make your escape.

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