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Winter Style

Style meets substance

Huez* looks at this years must have winter cycle gear

At Huez we know all to well the sartorial challenges that accompany urban cycling. Travelling around a city and avoiding a lycra-clad, rain and sweat soaked arrival isn’t straightforward. Urban cycling should be convenient and shouldn’t require a pre or post-ride costume change - acceptable demands if you carefully consider your seasonal gear.

But maintaining an optimum mix of style and substance in the winter is the hardest task of all. We don’t have to contend with snow storms like our Northern European neighbours but the British winter is still a veritable feast of variable, wet and generally unpleasant weather. A light jacket and an old beanie might be acceptable in September but generic clothing just won’t cut the mustard in a January gale. Morning frosts often give way to sunny days, leaving cyclists in a recurring ‘thermals seemed like a good idea at 7am’ loop.

To help you out, we’ve considered some of the most technical, durable and stylish options on the market and recommended our favourites - from our own collection and those of respected friends - so you can stay warm, dry and sharp this winter.


Stay warm: Hat and gloves

 Much of our body’s heat is lost through our extremities, and their exposed positions make them the first areas to suffer in a chilling wind. Despite this, many vendors of decent bike equipment neglect the importance of a good winter hat and set of gloves.

SealSkinz Winter Cycling Gloves, however, tick all the boxes for the discerning urban cyclist. They’re rugged, technical and suitable for sub-zero conditions. They’re also waterproof, windproof and most importantly breathable - with added insulation and extended cuffs for added heat in the early morning commute.

Specialist cycling manufacturer ‘This Is Cambridge’ are our go-to cycling hat supplier when the temperature starts to drop. The 100% merino wool Omloop Winter Cyling Cap draws on the famous ‘Belgian Cap’ style and mixes it with the tailoring influence of the UK’s premier cycling city. As fabric enthusiasts we’re sold on the use of merino wool for its thermo-regulating, antibacterial, wicking and moisture repellent qualities.

 Stay smart: Shirt, jumper and jacket

It’s often said that ‘layering’ is the best approach to keeping warm when riding and we don’t disagree - as long as you choose the right layers. For rural winter rides a wicking base layer is a must, but lycra just isn’t practical for most urban cyclists.

Brands catering for performance conscious commuters are aware of this, and at Huez we’ve created a range of performance clothing that keeps riders warm and dry without requiring a wardrobe change. Our Ease Back Shirt looks great at the office or in a social setting, but is crafted from cotton and lycra for a breathable and free-moving fit. Add this to the water resistant and heat regulating Softshell Sweat Hood and you’re well on your way to a warm and winter-proof layer combination.


The centrepiece of any commuters get-up is a smart jacket, but those that remain smart, odourless and practical following a commute are few and far between. Huez’s Sports Tailored Jacket includes the moisture management and hydrophobic capabilities present in all our fabrics and features compact weaves to make the piece windproof to boot.

Stay dry: Winter-proof outers

Good outer layers hold a strong cycling set up together, and quality outers rely on much more than just waterproofing.


Huez’s Starman Storm Jacket is made from the world’s leading cycling fabrics - Japanese 3-layer nylon and Swiss made Schoeller® 4-way stretch. It’s waterproofed as you would expect from a good cycling jacket, but breaks from the pack with its breathable fabric and temperature regulating vents. Darklight reflective technology means the jacket is safe but remains, “the type of city jacket that can be worn whether or not you're on the bike that day" (at least according to the Telegraph).

A cyclist’s sky-facing thighs are the hardest area of the body to keep dry, but ‘Rainlegs’ innovative rain protectors offer a great solution. The upper leg guards are constructed from wind and waterproof ripstop nylon and leave the back of the leg open to prevent a build up of condensation. Wearers can be confident of dry legs without the need to change, and at 140 grams the trousers can be shaken off and packed away at a moments notice.

Choosing a suitable trouser is particularly challenging in winter when even urban roads can become muddy. So pair these with a good set of mudguards, such as Brompton’s own, and you can ensure a clean and dry ride even in the worst conditions.

 Stay sharp: Accessories

There is nowhere better to flaunt your style than your accessories - but finding quality kit suitable for inclement conditions isn’t easy. The Brompton O Bag mixes quality and durability to great effect. The fully waterproof bag was designed by Ortlieb, one of the most respected names in cycling luggage, with a 20l capacity to ensure practicality. With 8 colourways to choose from, you certainly won’t be lacking in the style department.


 All the products mentioned above share our philosophy that no part of a rider’s attire should compromise on quality, durability, performance or style. A ‘one size fits all approach’ is not acceptable for premium sports clothing - particularly when the cold sets in.








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