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Time For The Mountains

Let the goats shine

The Huez* team has been training all year for this one event La Maratona delle Dolomiti. To say we’ve not done enough training would be an understatement, and this has been raised in conversation as much as George Clooney's sexuality.

Back in May we did manage to  put a great 100 miles down  at the Hampshire Hilly and felt we performed okay. Our trip to Italy was by far our most exciting, pitting ourselves against Max Lelli who took part in the Tour de France sixteen times. It was here that we really saw the difference between a professional cyclist and us mere weekend aficionados when our accompanying Italian roadies informed us they had already ridden some 4000km in the first quarter of this year! Busy lives aside we have all tried our best, be it commuting to work or hammering away at the spinning classes.

The real test is now upon us, tomorrow we head over to the Dolomites, as yet we have no bikes as they are stuck in Calais due to the French, but I am sure once this minor detail has been resolved the team will be raring to go.  The only two slogans I am preparing to repeat to myself as I climb the final 11km at 6.7% gradient or the infamous Mur DL Giat with a max gradient of 19% is “pain is only weakness leaving the system” and “Shut up legs”

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