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Cycling on lockdown.

New locks on the block

When choosing a lock to keep your bike secure, you’re faced by a surplus of tools, safeguards and solutions – but what will really keep your pride and joy out of the hands of thieves? Is it really worth, as modern lock makers suggest, investing in technology over the tried and tested D-lock or chain?

The Contenders:

Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini

Widely considered to be the toughest lock on the block, the Fahgettaboudit epitomises strength. Reminiscent of an Olympic weightlifter - stout, weighty and unyielding – the Kryptonite has been forged with one thing in mind, resilience.

The mini is less versatile than the New York Standard U-lock, but its smaller size makes leveraged attacks close to impossible. In this case, stopping power trumps practicality, and the resultant immobility will undoubtedly cause problems for the everyday cyclist. 

The Bitlock

Enter the Bitlock, brought to our attention by a regular Huez* courier. It certainly holds aesthetic appeal, and allows you to dispense of keys in favour of a mobile device. Your phone will unlock your bike, locate it if stolen, and even allow for bike sharing with trusted friends. Even if you run out of battery, a backup password can be installed to halt the inevitable chaos otherwise caused by a dead phone.

As far as security goes, the Bitlock boasts to be ‘on par with the best U-locks in the market’, which makes £80 seem reasonable (when the combined tech is accounted for). But U-locks are breakable and technology aside; unadulterated security is something we should all insist on when purchasing a bike lock.

The Hiplok V1.5 lock

The Hiplock is a trusted friend to the Huez team, and serves two of our members brilliantly, day in, day out.

Comfort and style are not words often associated with bike locks, but the Hiplock provides both, as well as adhering to the bedrock of theft prevention. The Hiplock boasts a Sold Secure Silver rating, and places practicality alongside hardiness as its key selling points. Unlike the Bitlock, you’ll still need a key and a sense of direction, but pragmatically it’s a hard lock to top.

Beyond normal expectations, the Hiplock provides an extra reflective surface, perfect for the poor light conditions of the approaching winter months. Whilst it may not be the strongest of today’s bunch, it’s certainly the most versatile, and so gets the nod as our recommended security device - particularly for everyday urban cycling.

Ultimately, buying a bike lock will always involve a trade off. Think about your needs before going for the flashiest, heaviest or most stylish kit on offer. Remember too, that age-old advice still holds as cycle securities space age approaches. Simple considerations, such as leaving your bike in places a thief would be foolish to steal from, can be just as important as a reinforced steel chain.

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