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From Moorgate to Monaco

Cycling pushes all the right Buttons for Britain’s motor king.

If it’s true that better drivers make better cyclists, then perhaps we should expect to see Jenson Button in the Tour de France in years to come. Considering that Formula 1 is one of the fastest and most physically demanding sports going, jumping on a bike in order to train for it may seem a little unnecessary.

However, in Jenson’s case it provides the perfect solution to staying fit and prepared for the circuit when he’s not exposing himself to 5G hairpins. In order to manage the extreme mental and physical pressure of such a high-octane sport, Jenson trades four wheels for two, discards the engine and hits the roads around his family home in Monte Carlo. Like cycling’s fallen angel, Lance Armstrong, Jenson uses the gut wrenching 12k Madonna Climb to wheel himself into shape.

Near misses are an everyday occurrence for one of the UK’s Formula 1 standard-bearers, an experience all rush hour cyclists can undoubtedly claim to share. As those taking to roads in the world’s busiest cities might agree: ‘It hurts like hell, but it’s the buzz” – though perhaps we’re not going out of our way to seek it.

We can all feel a little better that, despite the rush of 200mph chaos, Jenson still believes that cycling makes you ‘feel like your alive’. Perhaps if more Buttons were roaring past us on busy routes every morning, we could rest a little easier in the knowledge that they felt our pain (and possessed the skill to avoid us at a seconds notice).

Still, we wouldn’t suggest diverting your peloton via Silverstone during your next Sunday jaunt through Bucks. We doubt the Grosjean’s of the world have grasped the needs of cyclists… quite yet.


Picture by: Darren Heath

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