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"Made in Japan"

Innovation in the Blood

There are few things we are more enthusiastic about than good design. Design in its many forms propels humanity forward, solving problems and offering new insights on our everyday approach to the things around us.

A tradition of exceptionally designed, high quality textiles runs deep within Japanese history and culture. Weavers and dyers have been producing inspiring pieces of clothing from hemp, silk and cotton since the Japanese aristocracy emerged over two thousand years ago, and have been perfecting their trade ever since. Even Toyota, known today as the planet’s leading manufacturer of cars, started its life producing world beating looms that allowed shuttles to be changed without any break, and products to be produced twenty times faster.

Nowhere is this continuing tradition more apparent than in the textile mills of Japan, where the customary values of Kaizen and Monozukuri have been applied to the hi-tech demands of the 21st century.

Kaizen, meaning ‘good change’, enforces a framework to continually improve all aspects of a product or company, incrementally and fundamentally. The craft worker’s commitment to the Monozukuri ethic, quite literally meaning ‘making things’, also demands that all stay true to producing the best possible work by refining and redesigning repeatedly.

The economic miracle of Japan over the past 60 years is proof of the strength of these principles. Following the wide scale destruction of their industry in the 1940’s it may have seemed unthinkable that they would rise to be the 3rd biggest economy at the turn of the century, but rise they did. This success came from efficiency, quality and most importantly for us, an insatiable appetite for innovation.

It is this appetite that unites Huez and the Japanese masters in the east, and the reason we use Japanese fabrics in our garments.

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