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Meet Rory Townsend

Our new Model

This year we have partnered with Rory, an up and coming star on the UCI cycling circuit, to showcase our latest collection. Rory is a true professional and at such a young age has really impressed us. Far more used to time in the saddle than in front of the camera, we were surprised at how well he took to it. Rory has a great work ethos which clearly puts him ahead of others as he manages to balance his cycling and education. Here is a little interview we did with Rory at the beginning of May:  

How old are you, and where are you from?

20, I like to consider myself a cornish lad but in truth, I was born in Kingston.

How did you get into cycling?

I began in triathlons (dad was in the industry as an event organiser). Pre age 14, the bike leg was individual with no group riding, but after 14, drafting was introduced so there was little to gain from being strongest on the bike leg, from there I decided to focus on cycling alone. I love all sport but cycling is the one that comes most naturally’

What takes up your time when your not cycling?

Mostly university work, I am in my second year at St Marys, studying sport science and physical education. Also, walking my spaniels!

How do you balance your cycling with other parts of you life?

Power naps are my best ally, if I do a big ride in the morning, I can have a little nap and feel refreshed for work in the afternoon. I try to make the most of every ride I do, if it's a little spin, I do it fasted, if its a power based session I do it on the wattbike, quality over quantity

Who is your biggest influence? Who inspires you?

When I first began cycling, Lance was my hero, unfortunately, he amongst other in recent history have let the sport down massively. There are many in the sport today I have great respect for, but no pro's that I look up to or try to emulate. When I train I think about my family who have been big influences, particularly my dad and uncle.

Where would you like to be in 5 years time?

Cycling isn't make or break for me, that is why I decided to carry on into further education, if I get the opportunity to see the world through cycling, then that's great. To represent team GB or to win a national title would be a real dream come true for me.

Whats the bad side of cycling at your level?

At this level, races are harder to win, and I love winning!

How many watts per hour did you manage on you last race?

My last race on Tuesday night, I averaged 375W, maxed 1663

Legs waxed or shaved?

Shaved like a man

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